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Napoleons S1 is a new contemporary EPA approved wood burning stove complete with a modern cast iron door and pedestal base in a metallic charcoal finish. The stove features an Easy Glide ash drawer with a removable ash pan and lid for easy cleaning. The S1 also features up Secure Lock lever action door handle (with a removable handle shield) that remains in a convenient open position when the door is open, making refueling safe and easy. The S1 is the perfect wood burning stove for those who want wood burning technology with a clean and contemporary look.


Up to 55,000 BTUs
Removable stainless steel floating secondary air manifold
Contemporary EPA wood stove complete with contemporary cast door and cast pedestal base
Hidden hinges and extra large glass viewing area
Precision Easy Glide ash drawer with removable ash pan complete with lid for convenient and easy disposal
Removable handle sleeve
Convenient holder for handle sleeve located in slide out ash drawer
Vortex combustion system
Metallic charcoal finish
Ceramic fiber baffle system
Heavy duty 5/16″ firebox top
Optional door accent trim in satin chrome plated finish
Mobile Home Approved